Sixpoint Partners Hosts GP Webinar


On October 17 Sixpoint Partners hosted a live GP Webinar. Three leading institutional private equity investors joined the panel discussion entitled: “How to Attract and Maintain LP Interest in the Current Fundraising Environment.”

Discussion topics included:

Approaching the Market

  • How far invested should a GP’s current fund(s) be before approaching investors for the next raise?
  • Do inter-fund Investor Relations efforts improve a GP’s odds of receiving a commitment?
  • How do you benchmark funds? Is there a predominant approach to benchmarking among your peers?

Presenting Your Story

  • What do you hope to accomplish/cover in a first meeting?
  • What features make a pitch book stand out? What other documents can help move your process forward?
  • What are the elements of a successful onsite meeting? How have you seen onsites mishandled?

Maintaining the Relationship

  • How do co-investment opportunities, or lack thereof, from the GPs in your portfolio affect the relationship and likelihood of re-upping?
  • What are the elements of a successful AGM? How have you seen AGMs fall short?

Eric Zoller, Sixpoint Partner’s Co-founder, moderated the interactive webinar, and all participants had an opportunity to submit questions during the call for direct feedback from our accomplished LP panel.

Sixpoint Partners regularly hosts content oriented thought lkeadership events that bring together memebers of the LP-GP community.