“PitchBook: Five lessons on building a firm’s brand from Sixpoint Partners” by Kevin Dowd featuring Eric Zoller

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Large amounts of capital and debt are the levers of private equity, but it’s still an industry that largely relies on relationships: relationships with LPs, with deal intermediaries, with potential acquisition targets, with new hires. One way for a PEG to stand out from the crowd is to produce extraordinary returns; another is to build a consistent, sterling brand.

“A GP’s brand and PR efforts are separate but related items. Your brand is your firm’s identity, market awareness and loyalty. Public relations is among the methods used to communicate that brand to market. A strong brand is what ensures your following among deal intermediaries, current and prospective employees, industry executives and limited partners. The failure of most GPs to recognize that you can have a different brand identity (and loyalty) to each of these constituencies can be fatal in one realm versus the other.

“It is important to have a 360-degree view of brand management and a public relations and communications strategy that ties all of these elements together by ensuring that your investors have the same access to data and positive experiences with you that your industry executives do.”

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