Celebrating a Milestone

2016 was another busy year at Sixpoint Partners. We closed approximately $2.0 billion of new capital across 5 managers from over 150 unique investors representing every major class and type of institutional LP.

As we turn our attention to the opportunities of the upcoming year, we also take a moment to mark an exciting milestone for our business – Sixpoint Partners’ 10 Year Anniversary. It’s an achievement that my partners and colleagues are proud of, but is also owing to the many market participants with whom we have worked and collaborated. To each of the LPs, GPs, lawyers and other industry professionals we engage with every day, we say: thank you.

Ten years ago, Sixpoint launched with the philosophy that there is no “one way” to raise a fund or service a client, and we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our services to our clients’ specific needs. We strive to be associated with only the highest caliber funds and individuals, whom we respect and with whom we can build a long-term strategic relationship. We are very flexible in how we deliver value – whether that means running a full global fundraise, taking responsibility for a limited carve out, handling a processing role, arranging cornerstone capital or some combination of services.

The GP universe is composed of visionary and enterprising professionals, many of whom have built world-class organizations. The needs of these organizations are increasingly complex and sophisticated. Over the last ten years we have counseled our clients on issues ranging from succession planning to platform extensions. We have worked to help seed new managers or restructure existing ones. We are proud to represent some of the most identifiable franchises in the middle-market private equity space alongside a mix of elite spin-out managers who have grown into the blue chip funds of tomorrow.

Over this time, we’ve noticed that all of our most successful clients share one very important quality: an unwavering commitment to the concept of partnership. Partnership is a term so common in the private equity vernacular – general partner, limited partner, operating partner, etc. – that it is sometimes overlooked. The best private equity groups don’t allow the concept of partnership to be devalued or diminished. These teams commit to partnering with management teams that run their portfolio companies, they partner with the investors that provide their capital base and most importantly they have a strong partnership culture internally. It has been a great learning for us as well.

I often say that I only have two types of people in my life: friends and potential friends, and I hope that my colleagues and I can continue to be of service to all of you. In the end, it’s about making an impact. My love, curiosity and passion for this industry only grow with each passing year and they are what motivate me every day.

Happy New Year from Sixpoint Partners and our warmest wishes for you and your businesses in 2017 and beyond!

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