Co-Invest Capital Sourcing

Sponsor Driven. We work with financial sponsors to efficiently source co-invest capital when fund limitations keep the GP from financing the entire transaction. Strategically placed co-investors can serve as more than a source of capital. When sourced and structured properly, co-investors also help GPs to broaden the reach and profile of their limited partner base and to increase a GP’s revenues.

LP Exposure. With the market evolving towards a no-fee/no-carry model on co-investments, intelligent structuring assists GPs in making maximum use of our diverse and wide-ranging relationships in the institutional investor universe. For these LPs, the co-investment is a means to diversify their exposure to existing fund managers, strategies and geographies, as well as the opportunity to enhance overall portfolio returns, especially given the cost-effective fee structure compared to a traditional fund investment.

Fee-based Co-invest. Our GPs have raised co-invest capital on a fee/carry basis and as a means of securing new relationships and primary LP capital for present or future fundraises.