60 Seconds with Sixpoint

How to Ensure Your Fund is 2x Oversubscribed

While out on the road meeting with sponsors recently, I have been speaking about the importance of generating outsized LP demand in every given fundraise. GPs uniformly look to meet (or exceed) their fund hard cap, but rarely do they have a true capital target or LP profile in mind.  Simply stated, if you are… Read More

Key Private Equity Trends in the Middle-Market

Analytics that reflect patterns of behavior are useful underpinnings upon which to make judgements about where institutional LPs and middle-market sponsors are headed. It is important, however, to view such analysis within the broader context of the alternatives industry or the markets generally. In that spirit, Sixpoint has relied on a combination of market research… Read More

How to Keep Your Best Talent from Spinning Out and Competing with You

From the football gridiron to the modern day battlefield, coaches and generals alike have often subscribed to the principle that “the best defense is a good offense.” The same is true in private equity where the market is constantly evolving and the firms that are most willing, and capable, to adapt to meet the challenges… Read More

Communication is Key: Telling Your Firm’s Evolution Story

Private equity is no exception to the old adage: the path to success is paved with failure. In fact, any seasoned GP will attest to the fact that establishing a successful private equity firm, or any business for that matter, is rarely a smooth or linear process. From their infancy, the best private equity firms… Read More

Trendlines for 2017 (Survey Results and Analysis)

A special thank you to everyone who participated in our 2016 year-end GP survey. We hope that you find the collection of responses helpful as you plan your approach to 2017. The driving theme as you go through the results is that this coming year poses a unique set of pressures for sponsors given the… Read More

Celebrating a Milestone

2016 was another busy year at Sixpoint Partners. We closed approximately $2.0 billion of new capital across 5 managers from over 150 unique investors representing every major class and type of institutional LP. As we turn our attention to the opportunities of the upcoming year, we also take a moment to mark an exciting milestone… Read More

A Private Equity Utopia

Bridging the gap between LPs and GPs is often a significant challenge given how fundamentally different each group views the private equity market. These conflicting viewpoints can lead to strained discussions, heated negotiations and unnecessary confusion. In a private equity utopia this wasted energy would be eliminated for both parties and a more streamlined and… Read More

Collective Bargaining: How to Aggregate Commitments for a Big First Close

What would you do for $100 million? It’s not a question that most people spend their time pondering, but in the world of private equity fundraising, it’s an important question to consider. When one considers a fund commitment of nine-figure magnitude, there are many factors to deliberate on; foremost should be whether the investment will… Read More

LP Turnover: Sounds like Dessert, Feels like Desertion

One of the most frustrating elements of a fundraise is the issue of managing through LP turnover. While existing LPs may decide to not re-up for a GP’s next fund for a variety of reasons, the fact remains that it can be bitterly disappointing for GPs who are trying to take the next step in… Read More