60 Seconds with Sixpoint

GP Stakes Sales in the Mid-Market: The Next Wave

Over the past decade, the largest asset managers in alternatives (Apollo, Blackstone, KKR, etc.) have looked to the public markets as a source of both liquidity and permanent capital. The results of going down the IPO road have been mixed, but there have been learnings from each of these offerings that have helped educate the… Read More

How to Convince LPs That Your “Special Sauce” Really Is Special

To win investor mindshare, you have to stand out from the crowd. The largest and most active LPs are often meeting with upwards of 20 private equity sponsors per week; so how do you differentiate your firm and leave a lasting impression? How to begin? Emphasize your edge or “special sauce” by highlighting its direct… Read More

Sizing the Middle Market

The volume and velocity of private equity fundraising has understandably received significant attention over the course of 2017, but the impact of these tailwinds on the middle market requires some additional analysis. According to our research approximately 135 buyout funds have successfully held final closes this year and have closed, in aggregate, over $144 billion… Read More

Investment Pacing in an Expensive Deal Environment

The topic of investment pacing is a sensitive one because it represents that point of friction where classroom theories of portfolio construction meet the complicated realities of managing third-party capital. I like to call it the “Goldilocks Syndrome” because investors want their dollars invested, but not too fast and not too slow – just right…. Read More

The LP HOV Lane

The goal of any well-run investor relations or pre-marketing program is an efficient fundraise that minimizes guesswork and unpleasant surprises when closing LP commitments. Sponsors are frequently frustrated or bewildered by their interactions with LPs, and each party feels like they are approaching the prospective relationship from very different places – a veritable “GPs are… Read More

How to know when it’s time to launch your next Fund

In light of the robust fundraising environment, many sponsors are looking to take advantage of strong LP appetite for middle-market private equity by returning to market early. Others are less certain. In either case, it’s imperative to look before you leap, even in a strong market. Launching your next fund offering at the appropriate time… Read More

Busy Start to 2017

Sixpoint Partners is pleased to announce the close of a busy period of Primary, Secondary and Co-Investment activity. In the first half of 2017 alone, we have closed on 6 transactions totaling $2.4bn. Whether you are a sponsor looking for fee-based capital or transaction advice or an institutional investor seeking access to secondary or co-investment… Read More

How to Address LP Bias Against Your Fund

Controlling the narrative around your fundraise and more broadly your brand requires a degree of receptiveness and preparation that sponsors sometimes underestimate. At no point is a fund manager more publicly facing than when they are raising capital, but instead of being vulnerable at this point, the best private equity firms use this time as… Read More

Building Your Document Library for LPs

A common misstep we see when sponsors are coming to market is that they launch before they have all their necessary documents ready. The time to collect and organize these materials is during your pre-marketing process with existing LPs. Pre-marketing allows you to solicit feedback from your inner circle with respect to terms, positioning and… Read More

How to Foster a Strategic LP Base

An LP can be viewed as strategic to a PE sponsor for a myriad of reasons depending on the structure and goals of the firm, but two core attributes sought in almost every circumstance are consistent access to capital and long-term view of the market. Strategic LPs can be helpful when thinking about an industry… Read More